Specials & Sports Cars

Using Ford Sidevalve Components

Ford Sidevalve Based Specials

In the 1950s and early 1960s many Ford Specials were built often using a fibreglass car body construction. This site is dedicated to the early days of specials and sports cars based on the Ford Sidevalve 1172cc components.
On these pages I hope to list all the companies that supplied the major components to the DIY car builder who wanted to build himself a sports car from the remains of a humble family saloon, which was usually a Ford Eight or Ten.  I will also include other car manufacturers that used the Ford Sidevalve components.
The Ford Eight or Ten was generally the preferred basis for Special, for their toughness, reliability and easily obtained reasonably priced spare parts.
The main objective of the site is to publish pictures of the 100 or so different body styles that were available at the time but are now, in the main, long forgotten. This will be done as time permits. So if there is a company that you think should be listed, or you have any comment to make about the site, or information that may be of use, please contact via the Feedback page. If you own or have owned a Special from this period, or perhaps you worked at one of the many firms that are mentioned on the site, please send details of your car, or memories of your time building Specials.

Some of the prices on these pages may at first glance appear cheap. However a body costing £100 in 1960 would cost in 2013 £1950 based on RPI or £4490 based on average earnings!

Thanks to Rob Daniels who produced most of this information.